Remove Manual Entry with Mobile Time Tracking

When business owners cannot track a mobile employee’s movement or view their current location, employees can be tempted to embellish the amount of time spent on the job. Manual time sheets are prone to messy hand-written times, and end up misplaced more often than not. An employee will never write the exact minute they turned up or left, rather they round their start and finish time as it suits them. Paper time sheets or attendance cards are usually filled out at the end of the week, with employee’s left to try and remember what happened.

So what will mobile employee time tracking do?

• Accurately record the employees start and finish and break times to the minute, which renders them more trustworthy than their paper counterparts
• Attendance and work times are available neatly on a time card, or viewable in time sheet software
• Automatically calculate the employees total work hours, factoring in rounding, tolerances and breaks
• Have the completed, calculated time sheets ready to report on for payroll. And some systems can even integrate with your payroll to reduce errors in data entry of work time to payroll
• Managers and supervisors will be able to easily keep track of employees activities

Mobile time tracking offers managers the confidence they need to know whether the work is being done as it should be without the need to be involved in every detail of his subordinates actions, minimizing the risk of error in data input and providing managers and employees alike with more time to perform tasks and worry less about keeping track of time.

With mobile time tracking, employees have their time covered no matter where their work takes them. Time tracking has gone digital, become more streamlined, and places your time in your hands. Send your messy, inaccurate paper time sheets back to the past, where they belong.

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