Manage a team with Time Clock Mobile

A mobile workforce presents many challenges, and one of them is managing a team of workers on the road. While there are tools such as time sheets, attendance cards, and the like, these can become time consuming for both the employee and the HR department; also, they are not the friendliest if you want to keep clutter out of your office.

Time Clock Mobile offers a team management feature that allows you, as the business owner, manager or supervisor, to clock on and off your employees if for some reason they are not able to, as well as view their current GPS locations and clock on and off GPS locations on a map.
Both the supervisor and home office can easily see which team members are currently working, where they are and what tasks they are carrying out, with only a few taps on their smartphone, or a quick look on their Time Clock Mobile Admin Dashboard.

With Time Clock Mobile:
• Employees do not need to fill time sheets or attendance cards to record the hours they worked
• Employers do not need to constantly remind staff to register and submit their time cards or attendance sheets
• Human resources and administrators have access to records and reports 24/7
• Management can easily monitor employees working remotely
• Employees can work more flexible hours , working when and where they want
• Avoid inappropriate use of computer equipment

You don’t have to waste any more time juggling numbers. Time Clock Mobile’s monthly, per-user subscription provides companies with a scalable, affordable and stress free way to remotely track employee time and increase their payroll department’s efficiency and productivity. With a 2 week free trial period, why not give it a try to see if it is the right solution for you?

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